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General Obligation Bond Sales Scheduled for Tuesday, June 28th - Wednesday, June 29th

Thank you for visiting the Buy Massachusetts Bonds website and expressing interest in investing in Commonwealth General obligation bonds.  The State Treasurer’s Office is preparing for three distinct sales of its General Obligation Bonds.  Please note that size and timing are subject to change:

1.     $250 million* General Obligation “Green” Bonds 2016 Series F for final pricing on June 28, 2016

2.    $442 million* General Obligation Refunding Bonds 2016 Series B with a retail-only order period on June 28, 2016 and a final pricing on June 29, 2016

3.     Conversion/remarketing of $200 million General Obligation “Multi-Modal” Bonds, 2014 Subseries D-1 with a final pricing on June 29, 2016


Please note that individual Massachusetts investors will maintain a first priority on their orders during the retail order periods for the Refunding Bonds and Green Bonds and may still place orders for any remaining Refunding Bonds during Wednesday’s final pricing.   


For more information on these General Obligation bonds, please view the preliminary official statements at the links provided below.  The bonds are only available for purchase through a broker/dealer.  A listing of participating firms is included in each Preliminary Official Statement.  Please note that you may view the Commonwealth's full Financing Team by clicking on the green link on the right side of this page.


2016 Series F (“Green”) Bonds Preliminary Official Statement

2016 Refunding Series B Bonds Preliminary Official Statement

Green & Refunding Roadshow Slides and Replay Info

2014 Subseries D-1 Remarketing Supplement

Remarketing Roadshow Slides and Replay Info

View the Green/Refunding Ratings Reports

View Investor Q&A

View the first and second Investor Impact Reports for the 2013 Green Bonds