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Bond Sale Period is Closed


Thank you for visiting the Massachusetts Treasury’s Buy Massachusetts Bonds web page. We appreciate your interest in supporting the Commonwealth's capital budget needs.  Your investments help us update critical infrastructure throughout the state, which in turn keeps our economy - and jobs - going strong.

The Buy Massachusetts Bonds web page is used to make it easier for Massachusetts investors to purchase bonds during a bond sale.  When bonds are offered during a retail order period, the State Treasurer's Office ensures that orders for bonds from individuals in Massachusetts are given first priority.

We currently are not in a retail order period for bonds.  However, please continue to check back on this site as it will be updated with relevant information if and when bonds are being offered for sale.  You can also sign on to our email distribution list to receive regular updates, including notification as to when bonds are being made available.

Thank you again for visiting Buy Massachusetts Bonds and your interest in investing in the Commonwealth.